Arun Muchhala International College Of Hotel Management


Arun Muchhala International College Of Hotel Management

Our Team

Board Of Trustees

We are a group of skilled individuals.

Shri. Arunkumar J. Muchhala
- Chairman

Sai Shiva Education Trust also runs other educational initiatives such as :
• Muchhala Polytechnic, Thane
• Arun Muchhala Engineering College, Dhari, Gujarat
• Suraj Muchhala Polytechnic, Rajkot

Shri.Arunkumar is also a trustee with :
• Swami Vivekanand Educational Trust
• Khaki Seva Mandal Educational Trust
• Ambajidham Charitable Trust
• Dhari Taluka Educational Trust
Shri. Arunkumarji is a well-known businessman and philanthropist with an illustrious r ecord in diversified industries

Mr. Aarav A. Muchhala
- Managing Trustee

Right from its inception in the year 1998, the Sai Shiva Educational Trust has set out on a well-defined
path of nurturing “Liberated Minds” through top quality education.
Our aim is to mould today's youth into responsible citizens who contribute to the progress of society and
actively participate in the process of nation building, both intellectually and ethically .
Knowing that education defines an individual’s overall personality, we ensure that academics is well
complemented with extra-curricular activities.
While the gift of education can never be paid back, our students can take it forward by helping others
reach their aspirations and fulfill their highest potential.

Mr. Bipin Jadhav

"Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself"

John Dewey
It is through education, that we have the ability to change and improve the world in which we
live.Knowledge imparted to young minds is not confined to the walls of the classroom.. When Students
have a good foundation of values, they have a solid basis for the proper use of knowledge.
I welcome all those young and ambitious youths to make a career in the hospitality industry.
With the changing time, the needs of the individual and the country has taken a new parameter.
The Hospitality career offers the challenging prospects with the scope to prove himself and contribute to
the national wealth as well.The Hospitality Industry in general and hotels in particular are service oriented
and require special grooming to join workforce in the industry, in India and overseas. We here at the

Institute are fully repared and equipped with all the competencies to accept the challenges of the industry
and provide competent Students for years to come.Since there is a continuous growth in domestic and
international tourism , the fact remains that there is no substitute to the personalized service given by the
trained manpower. This guarantees continuous employment opportunities to the dynamic youth of the

Other Board Of Trustees

Mrs. Ritika A. Muchhala - Managing Trustee

Mr. Suraj A. Muchhala - Managing Trustee

Miss. Trinkal A. Muchhala- Managing Trustee

Mrs. Pinki K. Thakural - Managing Trustee

Mrs. Vasanthi S. Shetty - Secretary


We are a group of skilled individuals.

Mr.Bipin Jadhav

Designation : I/c Principal.
Qualification : DHMCT , MTM. M. PHIL.
Experince : 15years inTeaching and 4years in industry.

Mr.Prashant Jadhav

Designation : HOD (Food and Beverage Department) & Placement coordinator.
Qualification: MTM, DHMCT
Experince: 13years in teaching and 5years in industry

Miss.Deepa Uplap

Qualification: MTM, B.Sc. home science, Diploma in Bakery and confectionary
Experience: 10years in teaching 1year in industry
Subjects : Food production.

Mrs.Runa Patil

Qualification : MTM, DHMCT
Experince: 13years in Teaching & 5years in Industry.

Mr.Arun Pillai

Designation: Lecture(Food and Beverage)
Qualification: MTM, Dhmct.
Experience:12years in teaching, 1year in industry.